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Tubular Conveyor Belt



Tubular conveyor belt (polyester, steel cord)

Application: Tubular conveyor belt and pipe conveyor systems, with the aid of outside force throughout the transportation route or part of the transportation line into the circular tube shape. Tubular conveyor belt core with high tenacity canvas or steel wire for the skeleton, with high strength, high wear-resistant, high quality rubber material for the upper and lower covering layer, tape from the plane changed to U-shape at work, and finally rolled into a tube with closed transport.Suitable for conveying material in coal industry, mines, metallurgical industry, constructional industry and grain fields etc.

Technical parameters


Features: a. Material is conveyed under a complete enclosed condition and non-flying, scattered, which can realize two-way material environment protection; b. achieve large transmission angle up to 30 degrees, the stand-alone long distance transportation, saving investment; c. moderate lateral stiffness, roll round rules, lap sealed well; d. wear resistance, fatigue resistance, ageing resistance, high adhesion strength between layers, stable dynamic bearing capacity and long service life.

Tubular conveyor belt product performance meets the CN-HGT4225-2011 standard.




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